Content Strategy

Your content strategy will inform the topics, tone and creative direction of any piece of branded content you create. From online marketing, to sales presentations and even employee training – a sound strategy provides critical framework from which to gauge the success of your communications.

Leverage Big Data

We provide extensive market research using a variety of analytics tools to identify targeted topics that are in demand for your industry.

Segment Your Audience

Content marketing gives you the ability to be incredibly specific. Speak more directly to each member of your target audience with detailed buyer personas. We identify their different motivations, interests and triggers to move them from just looking through to purchase.

Identify Priority Messaging

Using the data found in market research and your buyer personas to refine it further, we outline topics that will foster engagement, build relationships with your target audience and provide excellent customer service content by answering their most pressing questions.

SEO Guidelines

Optimize your website for search engines with the keyphrase and topic data we provide. We provide a set of guidelines and criteria for enhancement and Google compliance.

Improve User Experience & Conversions

Make it easy for visitors to find the content they need (info, products or services) using intuitive, logically structured navigation and interlinking. We identify problem areas and provide recommendations for improvement.

Content allows you to capture the best of your business in an efficient, controlled and branded way.

We’ll help you Identify your key knowledge as a company. One piece of knowledge can be transformed into different articles, eBooks, Whitepapers, Data-Centric Infographics, Training Guides and more. It’s all about context.

Not only that, but you’ll save time and money by leveraging content throughout your organization instead of repeating yourself again and again. Whether you are addressing your future prospects, investors, HR team, sales team or the board of directors.

Strategy Features:

Search Engine Keyword &Topic Research
Business goals and objectives
Target markets and personas
Content mapping & delivery plan
Website UX & SEO guidelines
Content distribution plan
KPIs & reporting

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