Email Marketing

Email marketing streamlines, automates and quantifies the output of marketing tasks and workfows. It lessens chaos, reduces the need for human interaction and gives sales and marketing departments metrics that help prove the impact of their efforts on revenue.

Improve Efficiency – Increase ROI

Email marketing free up time without compromising the authenticity of the content you’re producing by following up with your prospects in a segmented, customized and relevant way.

Be More Engaging!

Speak directly to your customers with relevance! Most businesses have a variety of target customers with differing needs and desires. Email marketing allows you to segment your audience based on their behavior over time so you can follow up with information they care about.

Support Each Stage of the Buying Cycle

Less than 50% of leads that rst meet you are ready to buy. They need to learn more, get proof of value and build trust. Email marketing allows you to intuitively provide them with the right information at the right time. Nurture them down the path to purchase and persuade using multiple landing pages.

Feed Hotter Leads to Your Sales Teams

Email allows you to predictively score your leads, notifying you when they are ready to be transferred to sales. Improve marketing and sales collaboration, increase accountability by identifying lead drop-o touchpoints, and boost ROI from both departments.

Email marketing functions at the bottom of your online sales funnel to drive more conversions from the audience segment you have already required. Excellent for customer loyalty programs, reviews and referrals, email marketing can be considered a lifeline between you and your past, present and future customers.

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