User Generated Content

Supercharge Your Website’s Traffic, Engagement, Credibility & Conversions With UGC.

OrigiPost is a secure, fully-integrated user generated content (UGC) platform for your business. Motivate your customers and employees to share their experiences with your brand using the latest gamification and rewards technology.

One of the biggest challenges businesses face when competing online is creating enough relevant, high quality content. But, producing good content takes time, and can cost a fortune. Origipost provides an alternative by giving you access to a platform that motivates contributors with rewards and harnesses the voices of many.

Why UGC?

By offering your customers and employees incentive to post (with tangible rewards and social reinforcement), you have the opportunity to leverage high quality content at scale. Dominate on search engines, increase positive reviews, social sharing and ultimately drive more business into your online funnel with OrigiPost.

How Much Does It Cost?

It’s up to you! You choose the types of prizes and quantity of points you’d like to offer when you set rewards.

Increase Trust In Your Brand

User generated content builds trust and increases conversions because consumers are 3 times more likely to trust a recommendation from other consumers, family and or friends than content generated by the company.


The very act of creating content involves users reading, experiencing, thinking about and synthesizing opinions about your brand. This means they'll learn about you on a much deeper level and will remember your products and services in more detail.

User Experience

Allowing customers to ask and answer their own questions, as well as post experiences increases the chances your prospects will find what they're looking for. With a constant stream of new content, users have more opportunities to consume, be influenced and engage.

Strong SEO Value

IgiPost is designed to incorporate keyphrase suggestions for your contributors as well as pre-determined (or user-selected) tags and categories. We can work with your existing SEO provider or create a custom strategy based on your business goals to make sure every post packs a punch! Plus, more content means more coverage on Google for a diverse selection of relevant topics and competitive terms.

Cost Effective Content

Hiring professional photographers and copy writers to produce enough content to stay competitive can cost a fortune. Encouraging and rewarding your staff and customers for contributing content will allow you to significantly cut time, costs and produce quality content at scale.

Social Media Reach

Users are offered incentives to share content via social media. This creates added SEO benefits in the form of strong social signals to your pages. It also provides extended reach, introducing your brand to a user's social following with their endorsement.


UGC is content generated by users, for users. It not only creates a perfectly targeted FAQ section, but allows you to learn more about what matters to your consumers.


The more your customers and employees contribute to your content and collect rewards, the deeper your relationship becomes. Keep them coming back for more!


With IgiPost, you have the ability to approve or dismiss any contribution before publishing.

Market Research

Learn more about what your customers care about with Igipost data.

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