Key Achievements

Distribution Channels established on Facebook & Twitter
Facebook content reached almost 200K Facebook users in first month
Local SEO Optimized for “first page” results in all markets in GTA
Each location ranked on Google Maps with content designed to drive Googlers back to their main site

The Challenges

We started providing Canadian Choice Windows with content marketing when we had already achieved maximum coverage in organic search and streamlined their SEM campaigns. They had been a client of ours for many years, but they wanted to continue to grow. In order to help them reach people on the variety of online channels available we needed to start content marketing.

We needed to create a content strategy that would intrigue and satisfy their audience in order to move beyond the traditional SEM-Only approach. In doing so, it was our goal to use content to support their entire online buying funnel, from the point of initial research, through to email follow up and purchase.

Canadian Choice Windows had a strong value proposition, but only a basic level of distribution. The website was designed for lead gen, but had been neglecting the content it needed to build trust in visitors through education and examples. Also, with a lack of social media presence, establishing the core values of Canadian Choice windows was a “building from the ground up” proposition for our OneCore content team.

  • Previous content strategy was non-existent
  • Greater Toronto Area based keywords for their industry were already ranking well and they needed a solution to push past that plateau.

The Work

We worked with the client to put together a messaging strategy that took their goal and the psychology of target customers into consideration. We identified 4 different buyer personas, with different needs and desires, as well as the branded messaging that would be best utilized to educate, entertain and inspire them to upgrade their windows.

A comprehensive short-term & long-term strategy was established. Once our targets were set, a large-scale content management program commenced.

A new blog structure was created to enhance the reputation of Canadian Choice windows as a modern company, with user-friendly content available for easy consumption. This bridged the gap between today’s consumer and the CCW brand. Calls to action were added to each article and text was interlinked in order to drive visitors deeper into the sales funnel. We then created a series of posts, building on the previous site’s infrastructure, with further optimization practices implemented in each article.


Cost-Per- Click (CPC) of $0.59 (roughly 71% lower than the cost of a “GOOD” campaign)
26% of web traffic attributed to blog pages, with 63% of those users clicking to another page on the site
Conversion rates from returning visitors doubled from 3.97% to 6.88%
Canadian Choice Windows on Page 1 of “competitive industry keyword” Google searches in markets they serve
Social Media reach of 176,331 people in first month of content marketing initiatives
We increased their Facebook likes by 140% in a month and generated 1036 engagements (likes, conversations and shares)

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