Key Achievements

Leveraged content tactics to improve SEO
All old keywords were maintained for their first page positions
61% new keywords are in top 10 on Google Maps and Organic Search Results
All 27 locations are ranked on Google Maps

The Challenges

Easy financial came to us to help them grow their organic presence online. They were one of the fastest growing companies across Canada and the weak economy was on their side. The market was ripe for them to grow, and they wanted their online presence to be as strong as their brick and mortar presence in the real world. When we met with them we identified the following problem areas:

  • Due to weak SEO structure, strategy and content they were unable to compete with more established banks and lenders online.
  • Highly competitive terms were unobtainable for their internal teams and they were getting frustrated by investing in resources that were not producing any tangible results.

The Work

We worked with easyfinancial to first help them conquer the highly competitive short term loan space before embarking on full account management. Based on the overwhelming success of the first project, the relationship evolved into full account management pertaining to organic reach for easyfinancial, easyhome and (their American arm). We provided:

Comprehensive organic optimization for an ever expanding set of topics designed to qualify and direct the right prospects to their online properties.
Frequent consulting on a multitude of online marketing services including but not limited to: social media, content marketing, sponsored advertising, lead gen and marketing automation.
We created and distributed compelling infographics to attract new customers and enhance easyfinancial brand awareness.
Content was distributed on content platforms, generating better brand awareness through impressions and direct hits.


Traffic in 2015 went up by 68.36%
311,840 visits in 2015 vs
185,217 visits in 2014
Traffic to local landing pages in 2015 went up by 354.14%
37,921 visits in 2015 vs
8,350 visits in 2014
Local landing pages were the main focus on our SEO campaign in 2015. Based on Google Analytics.
  • Based on Google Analytics data for organic traffic app starts, there were 65% more online app starts in 2015 than in 2014.
  • Based on Google Analytics, there were 150% more total SEO conversions in 2015 than in 2014.
As of December 15, 2015 total mobile conversions in 2015 are 1200% higher than in 2014. This is explained by the following factors:
We delivered more mobile traffic from organic sources in 2015
155,501 vs 25,207 sessions,
which is a 520% increase
95% of all new Google Maps conversions occur on mobile devices.
There were 19,860 mobile conversions on Google Maps. They had nothing in 2014

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